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Developed by a jogging enthusiast and qualified yoga teacher Heather King

Background Info:

Yogging is great for people with busy lives as it is a yoga class and cardiovascular workout all rolled into one spectacularly fun hour in the open air!

Yogging is based loosely on the idea of interval training and the idea of using heat generated by the body whilst running to enable the muscles to increase their range of stretch, thus improving flexibility which is similar to the philosophy behind the incresingly popular bikram/hot yoga techniques.  Whatever age, gender or level of fitness you are, Yogging is worth a try as you can push yourself as far as you like and everyone will be assessed and encouraged appropriately.  

A typical Yogging session will be lead by a professional yoga teacher and will comprise of a run/jog around the clifftop/beach/field at different paces with suitable and beneficial yoga postures being interwoven at regular intervals.  The programme will be progressive over a number of weeks, as people gain muscle strength, fitness and flexibility so that it is always different and interesting and so that people see and feel the satisfaction as their bodies change for the better... well that is the plan anyway!



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